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allxyourxfault: think ANYTHING you want

sweetxmarie: slut.slut are you there.do you copy.
sweetxmarie: Kim.i know you are sitting right in front of your computer wait for David to IM your gay ass,answer me.it isnt like you can avoid me forever.
allxyourxfault: hahahahahhaa
allxyourxfault: what do you want
sweetxmarie: i want you to know that you are not worthy of being a gaylord.and you are fake and wear cover up 465827439684 times darker than your shade.and i dont think its very classy to have sex with five different men in about a week.
allxyourxfault: hahahah you don't know anything about me.
allxyourxfault: you don't know ME. you don't know ANYTHING. so shut up.
sweetxmarie: actually a few of the females you THINK are your friends filled me in on your sexual living style in the past week.really,dont assume you think i dont know,or it dosnt come around.
allxyourxfault: a few females who i "think" are my friends don't know shit. no one even knows my "sexual living style" except me and it's no one elses business. so uh....yah
sweetxmarie: 1.Marcus that gay ass mutha fuka that wears shirts the size of a fish.a gold fish might i add.2.David Akkerman,which totally used you,he was drunk,you were playing drunk.3.------ -------.-----.that explains enough.and mr John.MUAHAHAHAHAHAH.you thought i didnt know,take that one slut.
allxyourxfault: hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahah
allxyourxfault: you have NOOOOOOO Ideaaaaaaaa
sweetxmarie: shut up monster.
allxyourxfault: okay..you can think what you want.
allxyourxfault: think ANYTHING you want
sweetxmarie: oh and i forgot to tell you my opnion on your boobs.you have saggier boobies than my mom.my mom who is skinnier than you and has produced four children.take that.
allxyourxfault: you've never seen my boobs...ahha
allxyourxfault: and i don't need yer stupid opinions they mean nothing
sweetxmarie: one more thing duckling.
allxyourxfault: yer amusing me
sweetxmarie: about the puss.dont you think after five sexual partners the puss would be a bit of a sweller.or maybe a bleeder in your case.oh and for surley LOOSE.that one would be a given.
allxyourxfault: a sweller? a bleeder? hahahahahah
sweetxmarie: you dont comprehend?i only know becasue you tell your so called frineds these things and we talk about you and your sexual [well the guys that fuck youand then thro you away] life.thats all.
allxyourxfault: hahaha i
allxyourxfault: i'm glad you guys take so much time to talk to me
allxyourxfault: i actually really could care less about what you think. so enjoy talking about me. and uh yah
sweetxmarie: you laugh like you think its funny.we are the ones laughinhg hysterically at this monstrosiry we have come across.i love it.
allxyourxfault: cool
allxyourxfault: goodnight.
sweetxmarie: rough sex tonight.
sweetxmarie: be safe.
allxyourxfault signed off at 1:34:57 AM.
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